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  • Receive 100% of profits generated by our expert traders – Piptime will not take any of your profits.
  • Receive our trading signals for a yearly service fee
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Let professional traders work for you

Ever since foreign exchange markets became accessible to non professional investors some 30 years ago, scores of people have been lured into the world of potentially high returns and started trading directly – most of the time without the necessary experience, knowledge and discipline. The results have been devastating: surveys tell us that 90% of retail forex investors lose most of their money within 3 months of starting to trade.

This is now changing. A simple but brilliant system presented by Piptime allows anyone to copy all the profitable trades made by professionals – while retaining full control over their account. Why waste years and a bundle of money trying to figure out what the professionals are doing? Get them, instead, to share with you their secrets – and only pay a reasonable flat yearly fee for their experience.

Just open your trading account with the same reputable broker as we use and activate our signal service. You will manage your money. You retain full, unlimited control over your own account: you open it any time, you can add to it, withdraw money from it suspend our service or close the account at any time. Piptime has no access to the funds in your trading account. You get daily reports via email and you can follow all trades on the most widely used monitoring site. No secrets, no tricks, no gimmicks.

20 years experience
Proven strategies, successful track record, controlled risk levels

100% control over your funds
Switch on and off our service at any time

Full transparency
Follow all trades on an independent monitoring site


Our trader team, with the leadership of Peter Pinter, has a successful and traceable track record going back 15 years. They aim to maximize returns with strictly controlled risk levels.


Follow all trades on independent monitoring sites in real time


No guarantees are given but expect above average trading results

Non stop monitoring

Our trading team is monitoring all trading positions 24/7


Switch on or off the signal service at any time. You are in full control


Deposit or withdraw cash through direct contact with your broker at any time

No hidden fees or charges

Clients only pay a signal fee to Piptime plus the standard low charges to the broker

Team member
Peter Pinter

Co-founder Director, head of trading operations

Team member
Gabor Fekete

Co-founder Director, systems development

Team member
Tamas Godo

Co-founder Director, administration

Team member
Viktor Havasy

Co-founder Director, business development

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Please note

In line with our conservative, long term trading strategy, risk levels are kept at very low levels. However, forex investments inherently carry a high risk with the potential of high returns. Please do not entertain the idea of exposing any portion of your capital if you are averse to market risk. Never commit to forex trading more funds than you can afford to put at risk, or, ultimately, lose. If you have questions regarding the above, please contact us on